giveaway round (now)

150 CRAZY BEANZ + 10 LEGENDARY BEANZ to be won through raffles, art competitions and more. Join our Discord server to find out more!

pre-sale (18 feb)

Grab a whitelist spot and mint your CRAZY BEANZ for 0.035 ETH.

Join our Discord to find out how you can get a hold of a whitelist spot and mint your CRAZY BEANZ NFT for the lowest possible price.

public sale (19 feb)

Find the CAPSULEZ machine on the navigation page to mint your BEAN for 0.05 ETH.

Exclusive discord channels created for holders.

Community investment wallet established (20% of sales).

Store makeover with crazy interactionz.

scratchiez + Freezer (20% minted)

The SCRATCHIEZ LOTTO program allows holders to vote for prizes in exclusive Discord channels.

Half of all ETH generated through secondary sales is given back to the community via the SCRATCHIEZ program.

All winning BEANZ are sent to the FREEZER-OF-FAME forever.

Merch store (40% MINTED)

The CRAZY BEANZ merchandise store, exclusive to holders.

T-shirts, hats, vinyl figures, badges, toys and more.

Pay using FIAT or Crypto/ $LMNZ

STAKING + $LMNZ token (60% MINTED)

Stake your CRAZY BEANZ NFT for $LMNZ.

Use $LMNZ to acquire future collections and merchandise.

$LMNZ can be obtained by holding aGENESIS BEANZ, staking and winning at the SCRACTHIEZ booth.

metaverse beanz (tba)

Visit MADBEAN in the breeding area to breed your VX BEANZ. Breeding will be available to CRAZY BEANZ holders and will require an undecided amount of $LMNZ.

SCRATHIEZ BOOTH and FREEZER-OF-FAME will migrate over to the Sandbox.