scratchiez booth

Welcome, here is where CRAZY BEANZ can view prizes up for grabs as well as TVL for the giveaway. All winning beanz will be announced here at the booth, there are six winners every week (one for each category). Prizes can be voted on using our Discord channels, good luck!

scratchiez info

  • Six winners every week, one winner from each SCRATCHIEZ category.
  • Winning beanz will be announced every Saturday at 20:00 GMT.
  • In order to redeem your prize, owners of winning beanz must contact us. (Get in touch via Discord).
  • Any prizes unclaimed will carry over to the next draw
  • Prizes will be voted on using the SCRATCHIEZ discord channel when we have minted 25%.
  • All beanz lucky enough to win will be sent to the FREEZER-OF-FAME, alongside an inspiring message of your choice.
  • All CRAZY BEANZ have a chance of winning.
  • GENESIS¬†BEANZ have a chance of winning in all six categories.